About The 2018 Bahrain Chocolate And Coffee Exhibition

Simple pleasures in our daily lives fill us with happiness and joy. Two of these that we are passionate about are chocolate and coffee, which fill us with the energy to explore our ambitions and dreams, liberating us from fear and intimidation. The rich aroma of the day’s first cup of piping hot coffee puts us in the best of moods, especially when paired with a smooth piece of chocolate. It’s an atmosphere best described as happy and harmonious – a feeling that is sure to carry us through the day. I’t is this very passion deep within the hearts of chocolate and coffee lovers that we embrace at the 2017 Chocolate and Coffee Exhibition.

Coffee and chocolate are symbols of decadence and luxury that are deep rooted in our ancient cultures – they epitomize hospitality and graciousness when offered to guests and visitors alike. In this spirit we organized the first iteration of the exhibition in 2016, which was held over three days at the Bahrain Exhibition and Convention Centre and attracted over 15 thousand chocolate and coffee lovers from around the MENA region and worldwide , receiving acclaim from participants, sponsors and strategic partners alike, for which we are very grateful.

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History Of Bahrain Chocolate And Coffee Exhibition

  • 2017 Bahrain Chocolate And Coffee Exhibition
  • 2016 Bahrain Chocolate And Coffee Exhibition

The Second Edition

The Chocolate and Coffee Exhibitions sweet success last year has brought about strong industry ties with suppliers and customers who have a vested interest in the continuation of this legacy in the making. The second iteration of the exhibition promises the same electric atmosphere and fun environment with greater innovations by industry leaders and chocolate and coffee lovers.

Chocolate And Coffee Exhibition 2016

One of the biggest achievements Bidayaat is proud  and honoured to have accomplished the Chocolate and Coffee Exhibition 2016, which took place at the Bahrain Exhibitions and Conventions Center and attracted over 51 exhibitors and over 15,000 visitors from 5 countries .

Where Coffee & Chocolate Lovers Meet in One Cup

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